Why Extrica?

Creating a lightning fast flow from “Data to BI & AI”!

With a powerful, federated, self-serve, no-code data mesh based ‘core-engine’, Extrica eliminates complex data-engineering and de-couples migrations to help businesses experience a quantum leap in the insights’ and time-to-market!

Evolve with Extrica: AI and beyond

Extrica serves as a catalyst, digging up and decoding real-time insights. This transformative process in turn encourages continuous learning, collaboration and integration of insight-driven approaches.

The upshot?

A dynamic environment where leaders and decision-makers at every level prioritize data-driven insights to form strategies, enhance performance, and drive innovation – fostering a culture of insight-driven excellence.

Fastest time to market

Collaboration, Sharing and Security

Simplified User Experience & Seamless Integration

Highly Cost Efficient

Well-informed & Confident Decision Making

Standing Out and Forging Ahead

Data Access

Across any Source

Extrica simplifies data accessibility with 'out of the box' connectivity to dozens of enterprise & 3rd party sources and an Al-driven data catalog for effortless search and discovery

Governed and Secure

Data Products

Extrica streamlines governance and security through comprehensive federated data control, enhanced robustness and security in data products

Data Migrations


With powerful federated data querying capabilities, Extrica decouples long-drawn data-migrations to automatically redu 'time to insights'. Migrations can done in the background

DQ & Security


Extrica exposes specific quality and issues in the data underlying products systemically and with user feedback which fosters highly targeted improvement initiatives



Extrica can be integrated with your BI platforms be they AWS Quicksight Tableau, Power BI or others. Extrica can is integrated with Al-ML platforms such as Sagemaker and Bedrock.

Scale & Integrate


Extrica is on AWS and available through the marketplace. Scale to any size of data; any corner of the globe and integrate data across business units with ease.

Get in touch to unlock the real potential of your data!

Trianz would be pleased to set up Extrica demo for you and conduct proof of value to showcase the benefits of Extrica.

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