Unleash Trianz Extrica on AWS Marketplace

Unleash the potential of your data with our advanced data management capabilities, securely sourced from any on-prem or cloud environment.

Launched at AWS global summit

Earlier this year, Extrica was launched on the AWS Marketplace , offering global enterprises advanced data management capabilities.

Built on world-leading AWS infrastructure and AWS Athena, Extrica allows businesses and their data-teams to source data from any on-prem or cloud source; productize it for repeatable and personalize use by different users; publish it in a unique "Netflix of enterprise data" marketplace experience and consume in visualization platforms such as AWS Quicksight, Power BI, Tableau, Qlikview, or AI and ML channels such as AWS SageMaker.

AWS global summit
power of Extrica

Extrica is now available on AWS marketplace

Trianz Extrica is now available on the AWS Marketplace, providing organizations with a streamlined and secure pathway to leverage the platform's capabilities.

AWS Marketplace
power of Extrica

Experience the power of Extrica: Unifying data and analytics for seamless insights

  • Single tool for complete data mesh management

  • Access data from multiple sources (on-prem/cloud)

  • 4-click data product creation and discoverability

  • 5 layers of Data security, including RBAC, ABAC, FGA, data sensitivity, and encryption

  • Consumption of data products across tools of choice

  • Data Governance and expansive rule engine

Our Customers

Life Insurance

Leading American Life Insurance Company

Financial Services

Multinational Financial Services Corporation

Global Insurer

American Diversified Global Insurer

Shipping & Packing Supplies

American Shipping & Packing Supplies Company

Food Service & Beverage

Leading Food Service & Beverage Company


Danish International Pharmaceutical Company


Large-Scale Insurance Benefits Administrator

Medical Technology

Multinational Medical Technology Company

Mutual Life Insurance

Largest Mutual Life Insurance Company

Auto Glass

Leading Auto Glass Replacement Services

Logistics Real Estate

Global Leader in Logistics Real Estate

Fast Food

Multinational Fast Food Holding Company

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