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Is the Conventional Data-analytics Approach Outdated?

The industry is swiftly evolving, but the current methods of delivering insights struggle to keep up with the pace, demand a lot of effort and come with a hefty price tag.

Data Centralization and Virtualization - two conventional paradigms of traditional data and analytics. They’ve been our go-to strategies for years. But, they’re not without their flaws. Limitations lurk within these conventional methods, hindering their effectiveness.

The result? They struggle to keep pace with the rapid insights needed to outstrip the digital transformation sweeping across industries.

Is there any approach which can single-handedly lead the charge in this era of relentless digital advancement?


What does Extrica do?
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Introducing Extrica

The databahn which gets you from Data to AI at lightening speed

Extrica is an end-to-end data and analytics platform that seamlessly integrates enterprise and third-party data sources, where the raw siloed data embarks on a journey to transform into actionable AI-powered insights. Presented in a Netflix-like marketplace, these data products are ready to be consumed in BI, AI, and other applications of choice.

With Extrica by their side, decision-makers can confidently ride the wave of actionable insights, steer clear of threats, grab invisible opportunities, spot trends, and steer your transformation from within, leaping ahead of the competition.

How it works?

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