Analytics, AI and Insights

A Transformative Journey from Data to Destiny

Hidden within the intricate web of scattered, siloed data lie the transformative nuggets of game-changing insights.

  • Imagine being the largest entertainment company, curating a unique, personalized experience for each of your millions of global customers.

  • Or, being one of the largest automobile companies and having a business model centred around insights, to steer every aspect from design and engineering to production, sales, and customer support.

All big enterprises firmly believe in using insights for decision-making.

Imagine having the ability to foresee upcoming trends, identify threats, grab invisible opportunities and stay ahead of the curve with confidence, whether you are steering a big ship or a small boat,

Isn’t that the greatest strategic advantage? But…

What’s Holding You Back?

Most organizations fail to tap into the immense potential of their data, owing to

Data Challenges

Data is often scattered across various sources, lacking proper governance or dumped and stuck in a dynamic environment. It not only increases time-to-market but also poses data vulnerability, making you less adaptable and more vulnerable.

Delivery Obstacles:

The delivery process, often riddled with complexity and multiple bottlenecks, causes inefficiencies, clogging the analytics pipeline. Cumbersome mitigations and a complex landscape of tools can hinder innovation, impacting overall business performance.

Exorbitant Cost:

Initial and ongoing costs for D&A implementations are usually higher with traditional approaches, resulting in lower ROI and profitability. These high costs also create a barrier, restricting organizations from fully realizing the benefits of data-driven insights and impeding overall financial success.

Is This the Time for a Paradigm Shift?

Yes! The need for game-changing insights is ever more urgent. Yet, the data conventional centralization and virtualization methods are slow, tedious and costly.

Data Democratization:

Imagine an enterprise where data and insights are not just a rare resource but a dynamic accessible, searchable, secure and reusable product, accessible to everyone with the right permissions whenever they need it, wherever they need it, and however they want to use it.

Extrica– Unleashing the Power of Data, Shaping the Future

Introducing Extrica - a platform that transforms the way we look at data and analytics.

Think of it as a Netflix-like marketplace, where you can browse and consume data as a product, just like you choose your favorite shows.
Extrica allows you to break free from the constraints of siloed, hierarchical control over data, accelerating the analytics process and offering a seamless flow of actionable, shareable, and secure insights fueled by Gen-AI.

Extrica extracts symphonies of intelligent insights from the chaos of raw data and fuels them with AI, turning every byte into potential breakthroughs.

Get in touch to unlock the real potential of your data!

Trianz would be pleased to set up Extrica demo for you and conduct proof of value to showcase the benefits of Extrica.

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